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Perfect furniture and cabinet connections faster

The special shape in combination with expanding glue pockets and longitudinal grooves gives the tennon a secure grip. For absolutely twist-proof connections and maximum stability. Added to this is significantly faster processing: The first tennon hole is aligned with extreme ease and routed accurately using flip stops. It immediately secures the workpieces that are to be joined so that they are exact and flush with the edge. The DOMINO system even tolerates smaller imprecisions in the other tennon holes. Tennons are 36 mm long, ideal for joining two bases to a centre panel on 19 mm thick T cupboard structures (centre panel joint).

Product Details

Produce quick and easy joins

All joints can be produced quickly and easily with the DOMINO DF 500 Joining Machine.

Finished in just 3 steps

Route only two DOMINO holes and one drilled hole, the corner joint is produced quickly and without additional measurements.

Work error free

Produce a detachable corner joint easily. Use the drill template with a dust extractor to specify the exact position and depth of the drilled hole.


Optimum strength

The split anchor provides the joint with optimum strength and ensures that the corner joint has a high level of stability.

Technical Data

Quantity in Pack
130 pieces
Beech Hardwood
Dimensions ie. mm x mm x mm or mm
8 mm x 36 mm


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What size cutter does the Domino 500 come with? Can I buy the cutters in a set pack?
The DF 500 comes with the D5 (5mm) cutter. You can buy the other size cutters separately. See the D
What are the approximate load capacity of Domino Tenons ?
 Please see the table below:    DOMINO STRENGTH TABLE        SHEAR Average strength