Beech Tenon 8mm / 10mm Starter Systainer Set for DF 700

An assortment for joining precision
DS/XL D8/D10 306 BU
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The ultimate accessory for your Festool Domino, a Systainer to sort and keep Domino tenons together with easy access to them when working. The wide range allows you to determine the best cutter and domino for every job. The Domino Tenons have a flat, elongated design that will not rotate ensuring perfect alignment for both edge and face gluing.
Beechwood Domino dowel

Festool Domino Dowels bear the Pan European Forest Council quality seal for wood products originating from sustainable, responsible forest cultivation.

Custom fit alignment

The first Domino is positioned in a precision cut elongated hole, the next Dominos are inserted in wider holes with play so that the joint can be aligned effortlessly, resulting in a stable joint.

Unlimited possibilities

Compatible system accessories offer virtually unlimited joining possibilities. Even narrow strip material and round poles are easy to join.

Not flat. Not round. DOMINO!

DOMINOs combine all the advantages of round and flat dowels. Thanks to their unique shape, they are extremely stable and secured against rotation right from the first dowel.

For inside and out

DOMINOs are available in two materials: Beech for interior applications and weatherproof, insect- and mould-resistant sipo DOMINOs for outdoor applications.

100% rotation-proof

Right from ,the first DOMINO the joints are completely secured against rotation – without aligning the workpieces.

Overview of dowel sizes

The right dowel for every application: With different sizes from 4 x 20 mm up to 14 x 140 mm and individually adjustable rods.

The right dowel for every DOMINO machine

With the DOMINO DF 500 joining machine, you use dowels from 4 x 20 mm to 10 x 50 mm in size. For the DOMINO XL DF 700, you can use dowels from 8 x 40 mm up to 14 x 140 mm in size and the corner and flat connectors.

Maximum stability

The special shape of the DOMINO in combination with expanding glue pockets and lateral longitudinal grooves gives the dowels a secure grip.

A perfect fit

The DOMINO DF 500 jointers precisely adjust the holes to the respective dowels. The special grooving geometry of the dowels enables accuracy and a perfect fit.

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