Anchor Bolt Connector for DF 700 - 32 Pack

Perfect timber connections faster
SV-AB D14/32 for DF 700
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For use with the DOMINO XL DF 700 Joining Machine to be used together with expansion anchor SV-SA D14 and cross anchor SV-QA D14 to produce corner connections, for framework joins in material of thickness 30 mm and greater. Ideal for frame and rack joints at material thicknesses of 30 mm or higher.

Create perfect connections

Create perfect connections in wood with the Domino corner and surface connectors, a 14 mm cutter and the Domino XL DF 700.

Extremely fast

Save time and effort. Using the Domino connector system, requires no time consuming measuring, scribing, no templates or additional accessories. 

Extremely stable

Includes a tenon and clamping element to create a powerful join. Generous tensioning and tightening ranges. Very high extraction and loading forces.

Extremely flexible

Connection can be separated quickly if necessary. Ideal for framework and board joins in material of 30 mm and greater thickness.

Corner connectors

Extremely fast and stable with a high quality appearance.  All that can be seen is the cover cap which is clipped over the oval Domino style mortise hole, resulting in a neat finish.

Surface connectors

The surface connectors create a generous tensioning range for reliable securing and a powerful, stable join.

Domino XL Anchor Bolt Connector
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