At Festool, we design our power tools...

  • To solve problems - We create power tools that meet a need, streamline a process, or improve quality and efficiency.
  • For the way work happens - From rough work to assembly, finishing and storage, we keep every function of the power tool in mind.
  • With your comfort in mind - We limit the noise and vibration of our power tools, and carefully balance them to feel comfortable in your hands.
  • To save time - Our power tools are easy to use and adjustments are easy with tools onboard and features, such as our FastFix® blade and bit changes, StickFix® hook and loop abrasives, and Plug-it quick change power cords.
  • For quality, reliability and flawless execution - We measure quality in terms of microns and parts per million, to deliver parts that are 99.99% perfect!
  • For healthier environments - Integrated dust extraction is designed into nearly every power tool we offer, keeping the work area cleaner and the air you breathe healthier.
  • For portability - With our Systainer® system, you do not sacrifice quality for mobility. Systainers organize power tools and accessories and stack to create a mobile workshop.
  • To work together - Our power tools feature an integrated system of design that allows them to work together more efficiently and effectively.

Things work better when everything fits together as part of a system


Read more about the Festool System Approach.


Festool: Advance by Quality Management Systems - DIN ISO 9001
Festool power tools are not only tested by quality but everything else that belongs to Festool. Such as perfect processes and workflows for development, production, services, distribution, logistics, etc...


Festool: Environmental Management Systems - DIN ISO 14001
Festool's most important contribution in preserving our environment is the quality of the products, which are charactarised by their durability, quality and positive eco-features such as recyclability and enviromental compatability.