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Vacuum Clamping System

Clamping without limits. Clamping without a trace.

Festool's vacuum clamping system VAC SYS makes the seemingly impossible become possible: clamping without limits and no marks left behind.

The vacuum clamping system VAC SYS enables you to machine the workpieces from all sides in a single working step. No time-consuming readjustment. Work on the main surface, along the edge or along curves that require 360° rotation of the workpiece and a swivelling range of 90°.

The VAC SYS system redefines the concept of freedom and creates the perfect conditions for healthy, ergonomic working progress. A dynamic yet gentle hold on the workpiece surface: the specially moulded cups use the vacuum to clamp the workpiece safely and reliably. The soft, flexible high-quality plastic is particularly gentle and does not scratch or damage even high gloss polished surfaces.


The actual clamping unit harnesses the power of the vacuum generated to secure the unit to the work bench. Screws or clamps can be used as an alternative to fix the unit to a working area, or the MFT adapter plate will allow the unit to easily join your mobile workstation.

Main Benefits:

  • 360° rotation and 90° tilt.
  • Scratch-free on even the most delicate of surfaces.
  • Foot valve for hands-free release.
  • Various pad sizes available to suit workpiece.
  • Easily folded out of the way when not in use.
  • FastFix tool-free pad changes.
  • Compatible with Festool Multifunction table (using adapter plate)

Faster: Workpieces up to 30kg are secured in seconds with the powerful vacuum pump, while the clearly visible guage allows for complete control of the clamping process.


Easier: The foot valve allows you to release the vacuum pad while simultaneously holding onto the workpiece with both hands.


Better: Combine two units with the VAC SYS to machine particularly large, heavy or curved workpieces efficiently and to a very high standard.

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