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More time working, less time searching

Dedication to making work easier has always been a driving force behind product innovation. One of these innovations emerged in 1993 and has continued to be developed and improved upon ever since. The SYSTAINER® is an effortless system for organising, protecting and transporting power tools, accessories, and consumables.

Festool and Protool storage solutions make work faster, easier, and smarter. Searching for tools, drill bits, screws, etc, becomes a thing of the past. Custom inserts are designed to hold Festool tools, accessories, and consumables to help you quickly find the items you need to complete a task.

Main Features\Benefits:

  • Permanent organisation, clear overview, flexible modules
  • Saves significant time and reduces effort when locating and moving tools
  • Simple, compact transport
  • Professional appearance to customers


18v Flexi System
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