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Provide perfect mixing for any materials

With Festool, you have the right solution for every job - materials that are thick or thin, elasticised, adhesive, powdery or liquid, in small or large quantities.

Our stirrers revolve around the most important requirements in your daily stirring and mixing applications: robustness, durability, power and outstanding ergonomics. The unique ErgoFix system on the machines allows you to adjust the length of the stirrer with a single hand movement. Ergonomic handle design and soft grip maximise comfort and control. With essential design elements such as robust housing and protective covers your stirrer will be at home in the toughest on-site conditions.

Features such as splash-free start-up and electronic speed control provide perfect mixing for any materials. Practical solutions developed for day-to-day practise.

Main Benefits:

  • Single or dual-speed gearbox options.
  • Smooth start-up.
  • Electronic speed control.
  • Ergonomic handle.
  • Length adjustment.( ErgoFix models only)
  • Thermal overload monitor.

Faster: ErgoFix attachement system for rapid tool-free replacement of stirrer rods.


Easier: Adapt the stirrer to match your height and mix materials in a naturally upright position.


Better: Adapt the stirrer to match your height and mix materials in a naturally upright position.

The System

  • temp
    Brush Machine

    There is no simpler way to achieve a rustic wooden surface finish than with the RUSTOFIX.

  • system
    Brush system

    The right brush for every working step: for texturing, intermediate sanding, smoothing.

    View Brush system

  • system
    Extraction system

    Clean results both in the workshop and on the construction site with Festool mobile dust extractors.

    View Extraction system

  • system

    The right mix of power and stirring speed: Stirrer RW 1000 EQ.

    View Stirrer

  • system
    Stirring Rod system

    Always the right stirring rod: for both thin and viscous material.

    View Stirring Rod system

  • system
    Mixing Centre

    The ideal supplement to the stirrer. Takes over stirring while you concentrate on other tasks.

    View Mixing Centre

Model Comparison MXP 800 MXP 1000 MXP 1200 MXP 1202 MXP 1602 MXP 1602 DUO RW 1000

Technical data

Rated input 780 W 1,020 W 1,200 W 1,200 W 1,500 W 1,500 W 1,010 W
Speed (no load) 340 - 900 rpm 360 - 630 rpm 360 - 630 rpm n/a n/a n/a 250-600 min-1
No-load speed, 1st gear n/a n/a n/a 150 - 360 rpm 150 - 300 rpm 100 - 250 rpm n/a
No-load speed, 2nd gear n/a n/a n/a 320 - 780 rpm 320 - 650 rpm 130 - 350 rpm n/a
Tool holder M14 M14/ErgoFix M14/ErgoFix M14/ErgoFix M14/ErgoFix FastFix M14
Spindle pitch n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 110 mm n/a
Collar dia. 43 mm 57 mm 57 mm 57 mm 57 mm 57 mm n/a
Weight specifications 3.2 kg 4.5 kg 4.5 kg 6.5 kg 6.7 kg 7.9 kg 4,2 kg
18v Flexi System
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