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Guide Rail System

Make precise, repeatable results in a fraction of the time

With a wealth of experience in producing guide systems and accessories for the most demanding applications, our rails achieve perfect working results more quickly, easily, and efficiently.

Making precision cuts with our plunge cut saws and jigsaws, or creating straight grooves with our routers has never been easier. Expensive panel saws can be a thing of the past - getting splinter-free cuts and perfect edges is as simple as laying the guide rail on the workpiece, aligning it to your cut-line, and pushing the tool effortlessly across the rail. The proper rail length for every application is ensured by offering eight lengths of guide rails, and special connectors allow you to mix and match sizes.

Cabinet makers need to look no further than the hole series rails for accurate hole drilling, placing perfect 32mm shelf pins and 35mm holes for European hinges in cabinets.

Main Benefits:

  • Quick set-up with non-slipping bottom strips.
  • Portable, lightweight, and precise.
  • Integrated splinterguard for perfect edges.
  • Repeat cuts with limit stop - just set it and forget it.
  • Clamping with bottom T-slot - keeps clamps out of the way.
  • Eight different lengths with connectors allowing you to create custom lengths.
  • Special indexed rail system to bore accurate holes for shelf pins.

Faster: No timely marking out and refinishing, simply lay the guide rail on the cut line, sit your tool on and start cutting.


Easier: Glide strips reduce surface friction with the tool for effortless zero-play guidance, and a non-slip strip helps prevent guide-rail movement and protects the workpiece surface.


Better: The replaceable splinterguard ensures perfect finished edges even at 45° cuts.

The System

  • system
    Guide system

    The Festool guide system with guide rails between 800 mm and 5000 mm in length. Precise systematic work..

  • system
    Workplace system

    The MFT – versatile in the workshop, practical for assembly and an ideal supplement to the guide rail.

    View Workplace system

  • system
    Sys Plunge-cut saw

    Plunge-cut saw and guide rail for precision cuts that are splinter-free on both sides.

    View System Plunge-cut saw

  • system
    Shelving Guide Sys

    The adjustable shelving guide system is indispensable when making furniture.

    View Guide system

  • system
    System accessories

    Comprehensive accessories such as screw and lever clamps and the combination bevel assist you with your work.

    View system accessories

  • system
    Jigsaw system

    You can even make straight cuts effortlessly with jigsaws thanks to the guide rail.

    View Jigsaw system

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