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Brush Scouring Machine

The quicker way for a cleaner cut.

The RUSTOFIX was developed by Festool for producing three-dimensional, raised, textured wooden surfaces in no time at all. It is the perfect tool for anyone wishing to lend a rustic touch, whether in furniture manufacture, building renovation or timber restoration.

Three special brushes for texturing, intermediate sanding and smoothing working safely and efficiently with one tool.

Main Benefits:

  • Quick brush changes
  • Adjustable depth
  • MMC electronics for constant speed under load
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Efficient dust extraction when used with a Festool dust extractor .

Faster: Change brushes in an instant with one spanner turn.


Easier: Adjustable rear support roller ensures no sanding through surface coatings.


Better: Three brushes for texturing, sanding and cleaning – three working steps with one tool.

The System

  • temp
    Brush Machine

    There is no simpler way to achieve a rustic wooden surface finish than with the RUSTOFIX.

  • system
    Brush system

    The right brush for every working step: for texturing, intermediate sanding, smoothing.

    View Brush system

  • system
    Extraction system

    Clean results both in the workshop and on the construction site with Festool mobile dust extractors.

    View Extraction system

  • system

    The right mix of power and stirring speed: Stirrer RW 1000 EQ.

    View Stirrer

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    Stirring Rod system

    Always the right stirring rod: for both thin and viscous material.

    View Stirring Rod system

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    Mixing Centre

    The ideal supplement to the stirrer. Takes over stirring while you concentrate on other tasks.

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18v Flexi System
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