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Aluminium Routing Machines

Extremely precise and maneuvarable.

Festool's aluminium composite milling machine is the perfect solution for anyone working regularly with aluminium composite panels. Precise, neat and quick – creating a faultless V-groove is easy, even on building sites.

Designing for fashioning 90° and 135° grooves, and routing all aluminium composite panels, Festool's PF 1200 milling machine ensures accuracy and quality finish with a material that you can't afford to waste through costly errors. The routing cut indicator reliably marks the centre of the routing cut, removing any guess work, and when used with the Festool guide rail system, grooves are guaranteed to be perfectly straight.

Main Benefits:

  • Removable feeler roller for different material thicknesses.
  • Robust design.
  • Low weight.
  • MMC electronics for constant speed under load.
  • Thermal overload protection.
  • Efficient chip extraction when used with Festool Dust Extractor
  • Guide rail compatible.

Faster: Precise cuts are made faster thanks to the guide rail system – no marking required.


Easier: Blade cutters and feeler rollers are easily replaced to adapt to different material thicknesses.


Better: The enclosed hood ensures maximum suction power and chip extraction when used with a Festool Dust Extractor and 36mm hose.

The System

  • system

    At Festool, we think not only in terms of tools, but also in terms of systems so that you can work more quickly. easily and efficiently.

  • system
    Routing system

    These cutters produce a clean routing pattern – whether on wood or mineral material.

    View Routing system

  • system
    Template system

    There is only one solution for producing precise cut-outs and circles: the multi-routing template by Festool.

    View Template system

  • system
    Guide system

    The adjustable shelving guide system is indispensable when making furniture.

    View Guide system

  • system
    Joining system

    Whether dovetail joints, box joints or dowel joints, it couldn't be easier with a router and VS 600.

    View Joining system

  • system
    Extraction system

    Clean results both in the workshop and on the construction site with Festool mobile dust extractors.

    View Mobile dust extractors

18v Flexi System
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