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Optimised for High Quality Finish

The 7mm sanding stroke of the WTS makes it a specialist in efficient material removal over large surfaces. Powerful in action, its sturdy construction is designed with high-quality components for maximum durability.

The ETS is a favourite for intermediate to extra-fine sanding, producing an excellent surface finish. Jetstream dust extraction improves the surface finish by removing dust particles as they are generated, while at the same time, prolonging pad and abrasive life. With soft-start, step-less speed controls, and constant speed under load, these sanders perform on a level that you are not likely to have experienced before.

Main Benefits:

  • Soft startup and variable speed control.
  • MMC electronics for constant speed under load.
  • Thermal overload protection.
  • Comfortable, ergonomic grip.
  • Efficient dust extraction when used with Festool Dust Extractor.
  • Vibration Stop for smooth running and fatigue resistant work.
  • Fast-Fix sanding pad system.
  • Plug-it cable system.

Faster: Dry sanding for automotive refinishing hives consistently high surface quality without timely reworking.


Easier: StickFix pad design enables simple changeover between abrasives.


Better: MMC electronics deliver constant speed, leading to a more consistent finish.

The System

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    At Festool, we think not only in terms of tools, but also in terms of systems so that you can work more quickly. easily and efficiently.

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    Accessories system

    Optimised sanding pads made from MPE with FastFix, patented MULTI-JETSTREAM principle and StickFix fastener layer.

    View Sanding accessories system

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    Abrasive system

    Always the right abrasive. The Jetstream system increases the useful life by up to 30 %.

    View abrasive system

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    Extraction system

    Clean results both in the workshop and on the construction site with Festool mobile dust extractors.

    View Mobile dust extractors

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    Workplace system

    Organise your workplace ergonomically with the pivoting boom arm.

    View Workplace System

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    Polishing system

    Fully compatible: from polishing pads, different sponges and felts to sheepskins in every size.

    View Polishing sytem

Model Comparison ETS 125 ETS 150/3 ETS 150/5 WTS 150/7 RO 125 RO 150

Technical data

Power consumption 200 W 310 W 310 W 400 W 500 W 720 W
Eccentric motion speed 6000-14000 min-1 4000-10000 min-1 4000-10000 min-1 2600-6000 min-1 3000-6000 min-1 3300-6800 min-1
Sanding stroke 2 mm 3 mm 5 mm 7 mm 3,6 mm 5 mm
Interchangeable sanding pad Ø 125 mm 150 mm 150 mm 150 mm 125 mm 150 mm
Connection Ø d/e 27 mm 27 mm 27 mm 27 mm 27 mm 27 mm
Weight 1,1 kg 1,8 kg 1,8 kg 1,9 kg 1,9 kg 2,3 kg
18v Flexi System
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