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50% shorter and 80% lighter than standard drill chuck

The CENTROTEC chuck is a unique component of the Festool drilling system. This quick-release chuck provides two points of contact for CENTROTEC bits, allowing them to extend directly into the drill spindle so they serve as an extension of the motor, improving controllability and torque for true-running precision that is ten times more accurate than a standard chuck. Its compact design significantly decreases the necessary drilling/driving clearance.

The greatest benefit of the CENTROTEC system is the substantial time savings it provides. Change between drill, countersink and screwdriver bits in seconds with its straight forward pull-back, quick-release mechanism.

The CENTROTEC chuck can be used with all Festool and Protool drills fitted with a FastFix interface, and CENTROTEC bits are also compatible with standard chucks.

Main Benefits:

  • Significant time and battery savings when changing between drill, countersink and screw bits.
  • Decrease drilling/driving clearance thanks to the with the compact design
  • ,CENTROTEC bits extend directly into the drill spindle serving as an extension of the motor, for true running precision that is ten times more accurate.
  • The CENTROTEC chuck is compatible with any Festool and Protool drill fitted with a FastFix interface.


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