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Because things work better when everything fits together

Whoever wants to be good needs the perfect tool. Whoever wants to be better needs a system. A system in which accessories and consumable materials go hand in hand with the tools. This means better order and organisation. And this makes each investment a really clever one.

System = Added value

The value of a tool is not on the price tag, but in its benefit in the work application. For example by being more than just "one" tool. Like the ROTEX range which combines an eccentric sander, geared eccentric sander and polisher in one. Or hand-operated devices which can be used for stationary applications with the CMS Compact Module System and quickly retrofitted with only a few handles to become a sawing, routing or sanding station. Or the precisely coordinated accessories. Whether it is the guide rail for variable use when sawing and routing, the lithium-ion battery packs which are used in both the CARVEX PS 400 and the C and T+3 cordless drill series or the mobile dust extractors that are coordinated precisely to Festool power and compressed air tools.

Dust Extraction System

System = Continuous work process

Faster production, increased throughput, no idle times, reduction in reworking. For example with the FastFix and plug it interfaces for simple and quick tool changes and short tooling times. With the individual sanding pad which optimises the sanding result thanks to its absolute planar support, or the patented MULTI-JETSTREAM principle which works evidently and also measurably better, as well as the splinterguard for sawing which reduces the reworking of cutting edges significantly. And not least a reliable service because we are always there when you need us. No matter whether it is the free pick-up and drop service for devices being repaired orthe 24-hour repair service.

System = Better organised

A tool should not only be powerful, but also ready at hand. With the diverse SYSTAINER storage system all tools and accessories can be clearly arranged in special inserts and are thus ready to hand. In addition, there are SORTAINERS with several drawers in which all work materials have their own home. And SORTAINERS and SYSTAINERS again form a modular system which can be stacked and connected in any way, and the Systainer port on wheels ensures mobility in confined spaces. The simple connection with the Festool mobile dust extractors is another option. For short routes, quick work progress and a professional look to customers. Combined with the Workcenter WCR 1000 it can also be used as a mobile work station.

18v Flexi System
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